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The best way to signify this talent

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What overall rating will Williamson have in his first season in the 2K MT game? We can use previous rookies as a bit of baseline, but we must also think of how exceptional Williamson is as an athlete.

It is difficult to locate a perfect comparison for him personally, but his combination of athleticism and size have some considering LeBron James. I'm thinking a blend of Larry Johnson and Blake Griffin, but let's stick with James for the sake of popularity along with the physical similarities. Here I have estimated what the initial 2K evaluations of Williamson will be in his rookie season and I've listed them alongside James' season-ending marks. I believe that is fairly fair.This is Williamson's most evident gift. Rarely, if ever, have we seen a player let alone a hulking figure such as Williamson. That clarifies 99 driving dip his 85 standing dunk, and 75 contact dip. Some might call for him to have 99s across the board in these classes, before we go that far, but with all due respect, he needs to shake on some NBA players.

Burst and straightline speed are more of the best attributes of Williamson. Since it contrasts to James, I put Williamson on par with The King in every rate related category.Williamson is not just a downhill, steamroller, he's also got the toes of a shifty running back. He utilizes high-skill spin moves and divides double teams with hop steps. 2K doesn't really have an agility rating per se (lateral quickness is much more of a defensive feature from the sport ), so the best way to signify this talent is to address it at the ball control and speed with the ball categories.

Williamson will not be the chunk handler James is, but he's strong enough in this area to get above-average ratings.He's 275 lbs and he's ripped out of granite. I believe we can all tell strength isn't an issue.Even if Williamson isn't dunking, he is a heck of a finisher at the rim. In his lone season at Duke, Williamson converted 79 percent of the shots he took at the rim and just 11.7 percent of the shots he took out of two-point range were jumpers. Williamson gets to the basket, and it is usually a bucket when he does. James remains among the NBA's greatest finishers with both hands. Williamson is still primarily a finisher.

That along with the apparent gap in experience is the reason for the disparity in standing and driving layup.Fans usually speak about Williamson's blocks when they talk his shield, but he averaged 2.1 steals per game. He was great at slipping on the blind side of a ball-handler into passing lanes and leaping. Than that he faced in faculty playing against athletes should bring that Buy MT 2K20 number down a bit. But, I expect he'll be shot blocker and a fantastic weak-side help defender. If you notice, there was mention of James' defense in either of the last two categories.
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